Below you will find all the useful documents that will help you get started with lywand and that you can use freely.

Sales strategy

Integration opportunities

To help you get started with lywand, we have summarized how you can successfully integrate lywand into your business model.

Sales process & arguments

How to sell regular security audits. We have provided useful arguments for discussions with your customers.

Marketing materials

Textbausteine für Service Update Vorschau

Service Update text modules

Ready-to-use text modules, written in simple end customer language, which can be used to communicate your MSSP service update.

Customer information flyer

The most important information in a compact form for your customers. You are also welcome to use individual text modules for your communication.

Process support

Scan Preparation Template

With this template you can send your customers a permission to attack including scan preparation. All you need to do is fill in the empty fields.

Bulk Upload Template zum raschen Kunden anlegen

Bulk Upload Template

For quickly adding multiple customers - ideally directly from your CRM system. Send us the completed template and we'll do the rest.