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IT service providers

  • More revenue opportunities with IT security

    Automation simplifies and streamlines the entire process of auditing and communicating the security situation. This allows you to serve more clients.

  • Overcome staff shortages

    Relieve your rare security specialists of all work that can be automated. With lywand, you can provide excellent security advice even with less qualified personnel.

  • Easy communication with customers

    With the help of a simple presentation and explanation of the current security situation of your customers, you provide the sales arguments for further improvements in the security area.

It is possible to test lywand without obligation and free of charge for up to 60 days using your own IT infrastructure or the demo customer provided.

You can request the free test access directly from us or from the respective MSP Marketplaces of our distribution partners.

Audit of the external infrastructure

Lywand carries out a holistic check (e.g. web servers, VPN gateways, mail servers, web applications, etc.) for security vulnerabilities and possible gateways from the perspective of a potential attacker. In addition, a check is carried out to determine whether there are any possibly stolen company data records in circulation on the Darknet.

Internal infrastructure review

We have developed our own agent to check the internal infrastructure. This checks best-practice configurations based on known security vulnerabilities (CVE), as well as current patch levels on the end device. In order to create as broad a foundation as possible, basic security mechanisms such as Windows Firewall, current anti-virus software or the use of Office macros are also checked. The results of the check are updated daily in the platform.

You do not need any further licences to perform audits on customers. After you have activated your access to the security audit platform and a distributor has been deposited, you can carry out security audits on your customers at any time. Please note that costs will be incurred here.

You do not have a distributor yet?

If no distributor has been defined for your account yet, you will not be able to audit any customers. To change this, please contact one of our distribution partners.

To better support you in your service offering, we have changed to a consumption model that charges for actual consumption based on the targets scanned.

The distributor purchase price per target is calculated according to the type of scan target (internal/external), as well as the largest used monthly scan volume in the respective partner level. Billing is done at the end of the month through the distributor.

Partner levels

There are three partner levels, each divided into three discount groups.

  • Silver
    0-50, 51-250, 251-500 targets

  • Gold
    501-1000, 1001-2000, 2001-4000 targets

  • Platinum
    4001-7000, 7001-10000, 10000+ targets

Yes, you can find all the necessary sales and marketing materials directly in the platform under the menu option "Documents".

With ISO 27001 certified network and data center partners in Germany and the EU, lywand offers the highest level of data security.

Small and medium-sized companies

SMEs are increasingly being targeted by cybercriminals. In addition, the attack surface is growing due to automated attacks, digitalization, home office and the increasing complexity of IT infrastructures. This results in high risks for SMEs.

The need for an effective cybersecurity is constantly growing and is urgently needed.

To provide you with comprehensive IT security, we offer automated, continuous security audits that identify your IT infrastructure's security gaps and suggest appropriate measures to fix them.

In order to provide you with comprehensive cybersecurity, advice and support from an IT service provider is necessary. By involving your IT service provider, we keep the effort for you as low as possible and enable you to concentrate on your core business.

We work exclusively with IT service providers, system houses and MSSPs who will be happy to provide you with an individual offer.

Your IT service provider will be happy to provide you with an individual offer based on the size of your IT infrastructure and your specific service requirements.

You are interested in our product and your IT service provider does not offer our product yet?

No big deal! Just send us the contact details of your IT service provider and we will do the rest.

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