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IT service providers

With the help of lywand you are able to enter a new market segment. You can benefit from the automated security expertise of lywand without additional effort and personnel and thus offer your customers additional services.

You would like to become a partner, but would like to test the product in advance?

We enable you to test lywand for free. Using our trial version, you can check your own IT infrastructure free of costs. You can obtain the free NFR partner license from our distributors or directly from us - just send us a short e-mail.

Lywand's automated security audit covers the company's entire external IT infrastructure (e.g. web servers, VPN gateways, mail servers, web applications). Lywand allows you to view the security posture from a hacker's perspective and identify security vulnerabilities.

We are constantly working on making our security audits even smarter and more comprehensive, and therefore plan to integrate auditing the internal IT infrastructure to the scope in the near future.

You can get the free partner license as well as the licenses for your customers directly from our distributors or you can send an e-mail to sales@lywand.com.

The license prices are depending on the size of the end customers. You are welcome to contact our distribution for a price list.

Yes, we are happy to provide you with documents for sales.

For partners, all necessary sales and marketing materials are available directly in the application under the "Documents" tab.

Small and medium-sized companies

SMEs are increasingly being targeted by cybercriminals. In addition, the attack surface is growing due to automated attacks, digitalization, home office and the increasing complexity of IT infrastructures. This results in high risks for SMEs.

The need for an effective cybersecurity is constantly growing and is urgently needed.

To provide you with comprehensive IT security, we offer automated, continuous security audits that identify your IT infrastructure's security gaps and suggest appropriate measures to fix them.

We have numerous partners who offer our product. Just send us a short mail and we find a suitable partner for you.

You can purchase our product in the form of licenses. The prices of these licenses depend on the size of your company. Your IT service provider will make a customized offer.

You are interested in our product and your IT service provider does not offer our product yet?

No big deal! Just send us the contact details of your IT service provider and we will do the rest.

To provide you with comprehensive cybersecurity, consulting and support from an IT service provider is mandatory.

By involving your IT service provider, we keep the effort for you as low as possible and allow you to concentrate on your core business.

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