The automated security audit platform for MSSPs.

To automatically check and improve the IT security situation of your small and medium-sized customers.

Here's How it Works

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That's why our partners recommend lywand


„With lywand, we can fulfill important aspects of the NIS2 requirements for our customers efficiently and, above all, with a high degree of automation. A key topic is the continuous monitoring of the IT infrastructure for vulnerabilities. This provides an ideal starting point for all further security measures.

Gerald Kortschak, sevian7 IT development GmbH

„We have added lywand to our portfolio because it enables us to improve the service we provide to our customers and reduce our administrative overhead. Auto Healing, i.e. the automatic elimination of security vulnerabilities in applications such as Java, which are often used as part of third-party software, gives us the opportunity to take our service to a new level. Our work becomes more efficient and effective, which directly benefits our customers: Internal vulnerabilities are quickly eliminated, which significantly improves their IT security.“

Andreas Kuchenbuch, GOESYS AG

"Cybersecurity is a continuous task with the highest priority. In addition to phishing emails, we believe that unpatched systems or vulnerabilities in software applications are one of the biggest attack vectors.

With lywand, we are able to obtain a comprehensive picture of the situation of our managed systems and can thus react immediately when new critical vulnerabilities occur.

In addition to the incredibly dynamic development of the platform and the new features, the cooperation and communication with lywand and the distributor should also be emphasised!"

Christian Fischer, Kutzschbach INNOVATIONS GMBH

„Initially, we wanted to validate the work we were doing. But lywand offers much more. When our customers say: 'My IT network is well maintained and patched, etc.', after the first scan they achieve a rating of C (equivalent to a school grade 3) in the best case. This shows that there is still potential for improvement. Ratings below indicate that extensive measures are still required. Lywand provides us with convincing arguments to explain why further measures for optimisation in IT security are necessary.“

Christoph Winderling, Arbor-Link GmbH

”In my search for a security audit solution for small environments, I was lucky to find lywand. I get a very good overview and concrete recommendations for each monitored PC. The price/performance ratio is 100% right here and the customer is amazed!”

Klaus Multerer, it Lösungen

“It is a 'no-brainer' for me to use lywand as the added values are obvious.”

André Schiller, coretress GmbH

”It is automated, it is regularly. It is understandable for customers and for technicians and I don't even have to do that much anymore and I won back a lot of quality time.

We've had so much fun during onboarding that we've said this is a great fit. Our communication has been on a whole different level and that's what I appreciate about the team at lywand.”

Markus Müller, Q-Data Service GmbH

”Lywand offers a well thought-out solution for the prevention and control of security risks - and not only for large companies. For us and our customers' needs, lywand is an important addition to the security portfolio.”

Oliver Reisel, ALLinONE Netzwerke GmbH

”Lywand is brilliant because there is zero effort involved, except of course to fix the security vulnerabilities that are found.

The good thing about lywand is that it focuses on the essentials and there are not millions of options that you do not even use or want to use and still pay for. Lywand actually covers what the customer needs and is exactly what the medium-sized businesses need, and the small ones anyway.”

Holger Zorn, DRAI Consult

What you can Count on

Mehr Umsatz mit IT-Sicherheit

More Sales With IT Security

With the help of automation, both the checking and communication of your customers' IT security situation runs itself.

What this means for you: Serve more customers in less time. The security audit platform acts as a real order book that generates new services for you.

Überzeugende Argumente für Ihre Kunden

Convincing Arguments for Your Customers

Easy assessments of the security situation make the need for security measures obvious.

Present the urgency to your customers and show them how effectively the vulnerabilities are being addressed.

With lywand you can prove your services' value and easily sell additional services.

Zuverlässige Qualitätssicherung Ihrer Services

Reliable Quality Assurance of Your Services

Lywand is your quality assurance tool. You gain insights into your work and can reliably evaluate the measures you have implemented.

Use lywand as the standard tool for your managed services and guarantee an outstanding level of security.

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