The platform in detail

Lywand is a security audit platform that performs automated security checks of the externally and internally accessible infrastructure.

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Access to cybersecurity

IT security vulnerabilities are less likely to be noticed by SMEs, because security audits require a lot of know-how, time and experts. To provide small and medium-sized enterprises an access to cybersecurity, we offer cost-effective, fully automated and continuous security checks.

We work with a network of partners consisting of IT resellers, IT service providers and system houses who are delighted to offer you our product and thus help to improve your IT security.

Cybersecurity funding for your SME

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As of April 1, 2022, Austria Wirtschaftsservice Gesellschaft mbH offers a funding of up to € 20,000 for Austrian SMEs.

The subsidy covers expenses in the field of IT and cybersecurity as well as other costs such as licences for IT security solutions.

Your advantages

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Based on the security situation of your IT infrastructure, lywand generates a tailor-made recommendation of measures for the improvement of your cybersecurity.

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You receive support and advice from your IT service provider, who takes over planning and implementation of appropriate measures.

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While common measures and products are made for large companies and thus too expensive and complex for SMEs, lywand is affordable for everyone.

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The assessment and recommendations are presented in an illustrative and understandable way. Accordingly, technical expertise is not necessary.

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With the help of continuous checks, you always have certainty and visibility of your cybersecurity situation. Moreover, you will be automatically notified if your security rating deteriorates.

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Blind trust in a cybersecurity product is no longer necessary. Your security situation becomes tangible, and you see how well your company is protected.

Convince yourself!

Find a partner now who uses lywand to improve your company’s cybersecurity.