A lywand community that delivers.

Get an overview of our distributors & partners. Do you want to become part of the lywand community? We will show you how the onboarding works.

Our distributors

As an IT service provider, system house or MSSP, you can purchase lywand through our distribution partners.

CampusLan Software GmbH

Together with experienced educators, CampusLan develops network solutions for educational institutions that are based on state-of-the-art development technologies and can be individually realised for small schools as well as for entire city school networks.

The distributor supports with holistic solutions on the way to digital education and helps to cope with the flood of users, devices, data, and possibilities.

campusLan Logo

Fokus MSP GmbH

Founded in 2021 by Stefan Steuer and Matthias Mahnel, Fokus MSP GmbH focuses on managed service providers and IT businesses that are currently in the process of transforming into MSPs or want to further optimise their MSP business.

For this target group, Fokus MSP offers solutions and services to improve company organisation and increase process automation, as well as a wide range of training courses.

Infingate Deutschland GmbH

Infinigate is one of the leading European value added distributors for IT security, cloud and MSP, founded in 1996. The focus of the Infinigate Group is on the distribution of sustainable IT security solutions for the protection and defence of the IT infrastructure as well as the cloud.

Infinigate Group offers a full service to its partners to complement their product portfolio with dedicated technical, marketing, sales and professional services.

Infinigate Logo

NESTEC Scharf IT-Solutions OG

NESTEC is a value-added distributor specialising in security and messaging.

In addition to distribution and specialised trade support for numerous well-known international manufacturers, NESTEC also offers specialised trade its own value-added services such as support, training and sales consulting as well as numerous other free value-added services.

NESTEC Scharf IT-Solutions OG


With more than 3,200 partners, a purchase volume of more than one billion euros and around 300 employees, SYNAXON AG, based in Schloß Holte-Stukenbrock, is now the largest IT group in Europe.

SYNAXON AG's partners include independent IT retailers, service providers and system houses that are members of SYNAXON's cooperations and brands.

Partner overview

Our partner network consists of numerous IT service providers and MSSPs.

ADIT Andreas Doegl GmbH
Agentur Cyberschutz
AKE IT-Services e.K.
ALLinONE Netzwerke GmbH
AlpCloud GmbH
Arbor-Link GmbH
BADI Software und EDV-Systemberatung GmbH
Becker IT und TK Service
BERGMANN engineering & consulting GmbH
bitminder® GmbH & Co KG
Bösling, Zeh + Partner
bridge4IT® e.K.
Brovko GmbH
bytewerk GmbH
ConIT solutions Beratungs GmbH
Connect Kommunikations­systeme GmbH
coretress GmbH
cosmico GmbH
CPU IT-Dienstleistungen GmbH
CS nine GmbH
Data at Work GmbH
Datec-Datentechnik GmbH
DRAI Consult GmbH & Co. KG
enbiz engineering and business solutions GmbH
eXemptec GmbH
Floitgraf Consulting GmbH
Gleich IT Service GmbH
große Austing GmbH
Gröpper IT-Systemtechnik GmbH
Grothe IT-Service GmbH
Hainke-Computer GmbH & Co KG
hertli Informatik+Treuhand
HIT Computer GmbH & Co. KG
Hochwarth IT GmbH
ifaktor GmbH
Intercept IT OHG
IT Complete Systemhaus GmbH
itex it-service GmbH
JOBA ITK-Systeme GmbH
jo-soft GmbH
Karpo GmbH
Kastl & Rieter IT-Service GmbH
KEP-Consult GmbH
KlarBIT GmbH
Klaus Multerer - it Lösungen
klip-asca GmbH
Kunga Productions
Kutzschbach Electronic GmbH & Co. KG
Lendeckel IT GmbH & Co. KG
LHL Computer-Service GmbH
L+S IT Services GbR
magellan netzwerke GmbH
Make IT fix GmbH
Matt EDV GmbH
MBCOM IT-Systemhaus GmbH
MC-Netzwerke GmbH & Co. KG
MCS Schwarz
mea IT Services e.U.
M IT-Systemhaus GmbH
mocotel services
Modern Workplace GmbH
MR Elektronik GmbH & Co. KG
MT Service GmbH & Co KG
NCE Computer GmbH
NetWorxx EDV Services GmbH
NewWay.IT GmbH
OBF IT-Solutions GmbH & Co. KG
Opexa Advisory
Papier LIEBL Büro‑ und Systemhaus GmbH
PCDsystems GmbH & Co. KG
project two gmbh
Protego 24 Sicherheitsservice GmbH
Qberos GmbH
Q-Data Service GmbH
Quadus GmbH
RioMar GmbH
Sälker IT Solutions GmbH & Co. KG
Schönsee Loosen Datentechnik GmbH & Co. KG
sevian7 IT development GmbH
Simon Fieber IT-Services
Stauffer - Medien & IT GmbH
Systemhaus Przykopanski
Systemschub – Eine Marke der Klaes GmbH & Co. KG
Techniklotsen GmbH
Tecvise GmbH
toolbox Systemberatung GmbH
TW IT-Systemhaus GmbH
up to date gmbh
WenTraCon GmbH
Weser-Ems Dataconsulting GmbH
wistuba it GmbH
web&IT Solutions
smart.net.works GmbH
netable IT & Digitalisierungsservice V. Frank

How to become a partner

Demo session

Step 1

Time required: 30 min

In order to get a first impression, you will get a live tour through the security audit platform of lywand. We will show you the most important functions and discuss which possible use cases you might have and how you can optimally benefit from lywand.

Not in the mood for a demo? Skip step 1 and start directly with the test license.


Step 2

Time required: 1 min

As IT service provider, system house or MSSP, you have the possibility to test lywand without obligation and free of charge. Just submit a short request - we will send you the access.

Test phase

Step 3

Time required: As much as you want ;)

Once you receive the access from us, you are ready to go. Register at go.lywand.com to start with the test phase. Here you can explore lywand using your own infrastructure and familiarize yourself with the platform at your own pace.

Recap session

Step 4

Time required: 30 min

After you have completed your test phase, we will discuss your feedback and the next steps together in the recap session.

If you decide to partner with us, we will help you with the integration of lywand into your business to achieve the best possible added value for you and your customers.