SMARTUP Stipendium

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On February 24, 2021 our team had the privilege to present our company as part of the startup and innovation initiative in St. Pölten called “SMARTUP”. Beside seven other young entrepreneurs we used the possibility to present our corporate concept as well as our context and added value for the innovation of the location St. Pölten.

Three out of eight startups were honored and each received a scholarship of € 5.000. We can proudly say: lywand software is one of them.

We are going to use the scholarship for regional brand building in cooperation with the marketing agency dryven of St. Pölten to achieve a better positioning and a higher brand awareness.

Confirmation for our innovation

The SMARTUP scholarship is very important for us. Since the various startups were assessed based on the importance of the business topic, the business idea and the business model, we are of course very pleased that we have been awarded. Accordingly, we have received further confirmation for our innovative business concept. Furthermore, the SMARTUP environment offers a great opportunity to present one's company, to increase awareness in the surrounding area and to network with other entrepreneurs from the same region.

Location St. Pölten

When determining our company's location, we had the choice between Vienna and St. Pölten and decided to choose St. Pölten due to the history of our team - six of eight team members are "made in St. Pölten" because they studied at the FH St. Pölten - and due to the attractiveness of the location.

Austria enjoys a very good international reputation in the field of cybersecurity. With our know-how and community we would like to contribute to this good reputation at the location of St. Pölten and even expanding it.

For further information about the SMARTUP scholarship, please visit the associated website.

Teresa Leonhartsberger

February 25, 2021



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