Launch of the internal audit

It-sa 2022: Lywand presents automated security scans for end devices

Lywand software agent provides daily security data/new target-based consumption model with three partner levels/demo at it-sa in hall 7, booth 7-232 

Security Dashboard: Übersicht der internen und externen Sicherheitslage

Security Dashboard: Overview of the internal & external security situation

At this year's it-sa in Nuremberg, hall 7, stand 7-232, Lywand, provider of automated security audits, will present its latest product innovation: From now on, IT service providers, resellers and system houses can also use the SaaS solution to check their customers' Windows end devices in an automated scan. All that is necessary is the installation of an agent, which can be carried out centrally via a software distribution tool and requires no further configuration. In order to better support its partners in their service offering, Lywand is now using a consumption model for its channel-exclusive solution, which is billed independently of the end customer on the basis of the scanned targets.

Lywand offers automated security scans for the IT infrastructures of SMEs that support IT service providers in being able to provide their customers with tailor-made IT security measures. Based on the identified security vulnerabilities, the SaaS solution creates a clear, easy-to-understand "renovation plan" with recommendations for measures and products. Now Lywand is extending its security checks to systems of the internal IT infrastructure: From now on, IT service providers can automatically check Windows PCs and servers (from versions Windows 7/Windows server 2012 R2) of their customers. In order to do this, they simply need to install a Lywand agent on the end devices of their customers via their central software distribution. No additional configuration is required, and updates are automatically applied by Lywand. Detailed information about the end devices checked in the scan can be viewed in the "Check Insights". There, IT service providers will find a visualised representation of the attack surface as well as

  • an overview of the local users with an indication of whether they are activated and password protected

  • a list of the installed programmes with version information and details on their actuality

  • a display of open ports and details of the firewall and anti-virus software.

In addition, the agent provides up-to-date security information on the end devices on a daily basis.

New audit category assesses ransomware protection

Lywand has launched a new category called "Ransomware". This uses various check indicators to make an overall assessment of the ransomware protection. The assessment is made up of the actuality of installed software, as well as a check of the anti-virus protection, the macro security, the security best practices, the web traffic security, the e-mail security and the firewall. In addition, questionnaires on back-ups and security awareness are also included in the evaluation.

Neue Kategorie Ransomware

New categorie: Ransomware

Flexibility advantages for partners: Consumption model

With Lywand, partners can now flexibly check the internal and external IT infrastructure of their customers. The costs are based on the scanned targets. Two scans per month are included. One of these is carried out routinely at a fixed time. Service providers can carry out the other scan at their choice, for example to test newly introduced security measures. Additional scans can be booked at any time, and the intervals can be reduced to once a week. Billing is done at the end of the month by the distributor.

The price per scan is calculated according to the type of target and the largest monthly scan volume used in the respective partner level. Details on the design of the new partner model with Silver (1-500 targets), Gold (501-4000 targets) and Platinum (4001- 10,000 and more targets) levels can be found here.

"We want to help IT service providers deliver their services and support their customers," explains Tom Haak, CEO of Lywand. "Our intelligent multi-tenant service enables efficient integration and management of customers, as well as easy entry into MSP and MSSP business models. We also map this simplicity and flexibility in our partner model."

Partnermodell mit Rabattgruppen

Partner levels subdivided into discount groups

Lywand at it-sa 2022

The Lywand team is currently providing further information at the IT security trade fair it-sa in Nuremberg, hall 7, stand 7-232. On site, interested parties can find out about current threats and security challenges for SMEs and get to know the Lywand solution, including the new functions, in a demo.

Alternatively, IT service providers interested in the solution can book a 30-minute demo session or register for a free trial.

Thomas Haak

October 25, 2022


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