Lywand product launch

From now on, IT service providers, resellers and system houses can efficiently offer comprehensive security audits to small businesses up to to large mid-sized companies: Lywand's technology automatically audits companies' IT infrastructure and creates a clear action plan based on the results, making it easier for IT service providers to working with their customers. The SaaS solution is available on-demand and as a subscription model.   

Small and medium-sized enterprises are increasingly becoming the target of highly professional cyberattacks, which they can hardly counter. Security audits, which are the starting point to implement appropriate security measures, are usually not feasible for them. As a result, potential entry points for cybercriminals often remain undetected. The reasons for this are the relatively high costs as well as a lack of understanding of advanced IT security in order to fully assess the appropriateness of recommended measures. 


Automated, cost-effective security checks 

Lywand aims to solve this problem for both IT service providers and enterprises by simplifying the entire process and generating a report that is easy for both parties to understand: 

  • Fully automated analysis: Lywand's service automatically scans all external infrastructure resources, such as web and mail servers, gateways or web applications.

  • Simple, intuitive user interface: The results are summarized for IT service providers in a user-friendly interface that is easy to understand. Those who want to dive deeper into the analysis can select a detailed view. 

  • Detecting leaked data: Lywand checks for potentially stolen company data records circulating available on the internet. This supports SMEs in being able to meet their legal reporting obligations, such as those stipulated by the GDPR, within the required timeframe in the case of an incident.  

  • List of measures with product recommendations: Based on the results, Lywand generates an understandable list of recommended measures classified by urgency, effort and cost. In addition, the solution provides information on which security products and components IT service providers should use to remedy the listed security gaps. 

  • Management report for customers: All results of the security check are automatically added into a generally comprehensible management report that service providers can present to their customers to explain how to proceed. 

In this way, IT service providers create suitable conditions with the least possible effort to increase the security level of all their customers and significantly minimize the risks of professional cyber attacks. 

Licensing options and information for resellers 

Lywand's SaaS solution is suitable for infrastructures ranging from small businesses to large mid-sized companies with more than 500 employees. It is available in two types, resellers can choose according to their customers' needs:  

  • Lywand on-demand: With this license, customers purchase a package of either one or three scans, with a flexible date of scan.   

  • Lywand base: This subscription provides an automatic, weekly scan. In addition, there is the possibility to conduct further scans at any time. Customers can choose between a subscription period of one or three years.  

IT service providers, resellers and system houses who would like to test Lywand's service free of charge on their own infrastructure and offer it to their customers can simply request it by sending an e-mail to

About Lywand Software

Lywand Software offers fully automated security auditing of the IT infrastructure for companies. For IT resellers, service providers and system houses who want to serve the IT security needs of their small and medium-sized customers, Lywand simplifies the process of consulting and product recommendation. Customers thus receive offers that measurably increase their security. Lywand is headquartered in St. Pölten, Austria. Further information: 


Company contact

Lywand Software GmbH 
Thomas Haak
Dr. Theodor-Körner-Strasse 7/9
3100 St. Pölten, Österreich
+43 680 4064048


Press contact

Web&Tech PR GmbH 
Kerstin Sturm/Stephan Schwolow 
Telefon: +49 (89) 2155 227 88

Thomas Haak

May 17, 2021


Press announcement

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